Songs recorded by other artists

“Passageiro” (Rômulo Gomes/Gladston Galliza), recorded in the cd “Jeito Livre de Amar” by Rômulo Gomes; 1996, independent, Brazil.

“Jeito Moreno” and “Sabor” (Sanduca/Gladston Galliza), both of them recorded in the cd “Rota Certa” by Sanduca; 1999, independent, Brazil.

“Luzes” (Gladston Galliza) recorded in the cd “Vivir Cantando” by Claudia Gómez; 2001, independent, Spain.

“Alucifunk” (Mário PC/Vladimir/Gladston Galliza) recorded in the cd ”Cada vez Melhor” by Juliana Martins; 2004, independent, Brazil.

«Tus Notas» (Gladston Galliza) recorded in the cd «Argensamba» by Carlos Gantus; 2011, independent, Argentina.